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Shaping its influential Leadership in the Belgian Clinical Research Landscape

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 BeCRO is a professional organization of Belgian Contract Research Organizations (CROs) which are supporting the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical devices industry in the clinical research and development of new products. The result of the combined industry efforts, including BeCRO members, is the availability of new treatments and therapies from which patients can benefit.

BeCRO is a leading voice in the Belgian R&D industry, representing its members towards the other stakeholders, being the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industry, the authorities, the investigational sites and last but not least the patients. The goal is also to create public awareness around the importance to conduct clinical trials in Belgium.

BeCRO represents currently about 30 Belgian CROs, going from small companies to affiliates from global leading contract research organizations. All of them have the same common goal; conducting safe and ethical clinical studies following the latest industry developments and guidelines leading to higher efficiency while maintaining the highest quality standards. BeCRO actively supports its members in this area by providing the latest industry updates and clinical studies specific training.

BeCRO is a member of the European Federation of Clinical Research Organizations (EUCROF) representing 300 CROs in 17 countries. BeCRO plays a leading role in this European organization via its active participation in most EUCROF working groups and through its representation in the Management Board of the Federation.

BeCRO will continue to play an active role in the national and international, rapid and continuous changing environment of clinical research.

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