A new chapter: Becro’s visual transformation

We proudly unveil our new logo, embodying our strategy and role in the Belgian CRO landscape.

We are excited to unveil Becro’s refreshed visual identity. Our new logo is a visual articulation of our clear and strategic direction, capturing our values, aspirations, and our position within the Belgian CRO landscape.

Expressing advocacy and community through design

At the heart of our new logo is a speech bubble, underscoring our commitment to advocacy and the strength of our network. This design symbolises the unity of our community, a collective of professionals dedicated to advancing the CRO landscape in Belgium through collaboration and shared expertise. We have chosen this design to highlight the importance we place on giving a voice to our members and ensuring their perspectives are heard and valued.

Approachable and collaborative: a lowercase approach

The use of lowercase letters in our logo mirrors our welcoming and accessible nature as an organisation. We aim to create an environment that encourages open dialogue, mutual respect, and collaboration. This design choice reaffirms that every member of our community plays an important role in achieving our collective goals.

Colours that speak to our mission

Our logo’s colour palette has been thoughtfully selected. The red captures our strength, our readiness to take action, and our passion for the work we do. It underscores our commitment to being active advocates for our members and the CRO industry in Belgium. Purple adds a dimension of wisdom and creativity, highlighting our dedication to innovation and our capacity for forward-thinking solutions.

A united representation of our direction

The combination of these elements – the speech bubble, the lowercase letters, and the colour choices – comes together to create a logo that truly represents the essence of Becro. It tells the story of our commitment to representation, our push for innovation, and our support of a strong and diverse community.

As we step into this new phase, we are excited to continue creating a space where knowledge is shared, opinions are valued, and innovation is at the forefront.