Innovation panels

In a landscape that’s constantly evolving, staying ahead means innovating. Our innovation panels are your hubs for driving change and fostering actionable solutions within the clinical research industry. These panels provide an intimate forum for discussion, allowing members to share expertise and develop strategies on topics like digital transformation, GDPR compliance, and patient recruitment.

Added value for participants

Our innovation panels offer a collaborative space for you to grow, learn, and lead:

Innovation: an ecosystem for knowledge sharing

Focus areas

Decentralised clinical trials

Decentralised (remote) trials put the patient at the centre, allowing us to bring the trial to the participant rather than vice versa. While the concept offers many advantages, there are practical and regulatory obstacles to navigate. Our panel focuses on systematically addressing these challenges, collaborating with stakeholders to work towards a consistent and unified framework.


Get ahead of the digital curve. From data collection via wearables to the application of artificial intelligence in clinical research, our panel explores the cutting-edge technologies that are defining the future. Specialised focus areas include electronic consent, remote source data verification (SDV), and interaction with electronic trial master files (eTMF).


GDPR Navigating the ever-changing landscape of data privacy can be complex. Even with GDPR in place for several years, new questions and challenges still come up. Our panel not only raises awareness but also provides informed perspectives and proven strategies to ensure you remain compliant.

Participant recruitment

Keeping Belgium at the forefront of clinical research post-EU CTR implementation is a key focus. This panel seeks to optimise patient recruitment strategies and explore innovative ways to maintain Belgium’s competitive edge in the clinical trials landscape. By helping CROs to find the right study subjects at the optimal pace, moment, and site, we’re not just meeting challenges but setting the standard.