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Core Business

Artialis is a partner for the development of therapeutic approaches in the field of age-related diseases including musculoskeletal health, inflammation, and metabolic syndrome. Integrating scientific expertise and support for research, Artialis is able to manage every stage of drug development, from preclinical development to post-marketing studies.
The company provides tailor-made preclinical and clinical trials solutions, combining innovative tools for evaluating the efficacy of treatments as soluble biomarkers, medical imaging, and gait & motion analyses.
By combining evaluation of clinical features using objectives criteria and multiparametric approach, Artialis helps to accelerate the clinical development and increase the odds to obtain positive results.
The company’s activities are built around three complementary areas:
– Tailor-made solutions for clinical and preclinical studies (ISO9001:2015 certification)
– Technical and scientific expertise in R&D dedicated to the musculoskeletal field (ISO9001:2015 certification)
– Design, development, and commercialization of ELISA kits (ISO13485:2016 certification).

Specific Areas of Activity

What do we do?

Artialis offers tailor-made clinical trials solutions including innovative endpoints as soluble biomarkers, medical imaging (X-ray, MRI), and Gait & Motion analyses.
Clinical services include:

  • Trial design
  • Protocol writing
  • Scientific committee implementation
  • Regulatory activities
  • Site selection & monitoring (phases II-IV)
  • Hospital-based unit and 24/7 monitoring (Phase 0-I)
  • Gold standard parameters
    • Questionnaires
  • Physical tests
  • Innovative parameters
    • Soluble biomarkers
    • Medical imaging
    • Gait & Motion analysis
  • Data management & biostatistics
  • Reporting
  • Scientific writing and publication
Key areas of focus

Data Management – Early Clinical Phases – Imaging – Investigator Network – IVRS/IWRS – Laboratory – Late phase IV – Medical Advising – Medical Devices – Medical Writing – Preclinical – Project Management – Regulatory – Safety – Logistics – Statistics

Legal Representative

Bérénice Costes
Clinical Operations Director