Innovation Sprint

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Core Business

We provide solutions to the eHealth and Life Sciences sectors, focusing on Big Data analytics & Artificial Intelligence on Real World Data. In Innovation Sprint, we combine medical, ICT and data science expertise to improve clinical and healthcare processes, and to develop personalized healthcare solutions.
Our main product Healthentia is a novel eClinical solution that responds to the main challenges in clinical research: process optimization and enabling of virtual trials. Healthentia offers patient-centric services to subjects of digital trials, by capturing and analyzing of health and lifestyle data and offering smart services to support Pharma to increase drug efficacy in its design phase.

Specific Areas of Activity

Type of studies

Digital / virtual studies
ePRO-based with activity trackers
AI-driven studies with Deep Phenotyping
In-silico trials

Key areas of focus

Data Management – Information – Marketing / Sales – Medical Devices

Legal Representative

Sofoklis Kyriazakos