Elevating clinical research in Belgium

Becro is a vibrant community of Contract Research Organisations, including industry leaders, academic institutions, agile start-ups, and other CRO professionals, all committed to advancing clinical research in Belgium. Our mission is clear: to foster Belgium as a leading country for clinical research through continuous innovation, strong advocacy, and strategic networking.

Advocacy: the CRO voice

As the only organisation in Belgium dedicated to Contract Research Organisations, we serve as your steadfast advocate. We liaise with Belgian authorities and key stakeholders, ensuring your voice is heard. We also raise public awareness about the importance and value of conducting clinical trials in Belgium. Our affiliation with EUCROF extends our reach and influence on a European level.

Innovation: an ecosystem for knowledge sharing

We don’t just discuss innovation, we facilitate it. Our events, trainings and workshops are designed for knowledge exchange and collaborative solution-finding. We keep our community informed about the latest trends in clinical research. Our exclusive job board enables members to directly address their staffing needs.

Networking: collaboration as our cornerstone

Understanding the power of collaboration, Becro aims to create an environment where members can leverage each other’s expertise and perspectives. From discounted attendance at industry conferences to various opportunities for increased visibility, we transform casual interactions into enduring, productive collaborations.

Beyond fostering a collaborative atmosphere, Becro actively cultivates a rich terrain for business opportunities among its members. By providing a platform for networking, partnership development, and mutual growth, we open doors for our members to explore new business ventures, expand their client base, and enhance their market presence.

Our tailored events and initiatives are designed to not only showcase the unique strengths and services of each member but also to facilitate meaningful business engagements and collaborations. Through these concerted efforts, Becro ensures that being a part of our community translates into tangible business advantages and a competitive edge in the industry.