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Core Business

QUALIblood s.a. provides full laboratory services  to pharmaceutical companies for the management of laboratory tasks in clinical trials. We propose support from the design of analytical protocols up to the development and validation of specific analytical methods. Our company also proposes biobank services and can also help IVD companies for data generation in order to fulfill the clinical and analytical performances of their kits.

Specific Areas of Activity

What do we do?

Management of the entire laboratory tasks in the clinical trial

  • Selection of the most appropriate biomarkers
  • Elaboration of the laboratory manual and the analytical plan
  • Provision of the laboratory kits to the investigational sites
  • Management of the logistic for sample repatriation from the sites to the central laboratory
  • Shipping of samples to local laboratories upon request

Large panel of analytical services

  • More than 500 analytical parameters including standard and more specific analyses
  • Elaboration of home-made unique analyses which corresponds to the needs of the Sponsor
  • Unique laboratory in the world performing the validated ETP-based APC resistance in accordance with the EMEA/CPMP/EWP/519/98 Rev 1.

Biobanking service and access to biological samples

  • For the design and validation of analytical and clinical studies with IVD components
  • For short- and long-term storage of biological samples from clinical studies

Data generation for performance studies of IVD medical devices

Definition of analytical and clinical performance of IVD medical devices

For what type of studies?

We manage laboratory tasks from pre-clinical to phase IV studies. With our hospital partners, we are also able to set up clinical performance studies for IVD medical devices.

Who are our clients?

Pharmaceutical companies and IVD companies/manufacturers

Key areas of focus

Early Clinical Phases – Laboratory – Logistics – Medical Devices – Preclinical

Legal Representative

Jonathan Douxfils