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Core Business

Thanks to its 20-year long expertise and fully backed by the IPG (Institut de Pathologie et de Génétique), Seqalis offer second-to-none analytical services and medico-scientific well-advised counsels to the biotechs, the pharma companies and the universities in the fields of Molecular Biology, Cytogenomics and Anatomo-Pathology.
Seqalis is also tightly connected  to the Walloon Region’s hospital network via its strong and longstanding link to the IPG.
Seqalis is proud to have established an operational structure ensuring  satisfaction and long term support of its customers for their R&D and clinical trial activities.

Seqalis – Fostering Progress in Life Sciences

Specific Areas of Activity

Seqalis proposes the following analytical services :

 T Cell Repertoire Sequencing (qTCR Seq) for the analysis and the quantitative immuno-monitoring of the receptors of T cells repertoires in immuno-oncology and in vaccinology,
Cytogenomics for the Quality Control in ATMPs and
NGS (WGS, Total, RNA-Seq) sequencing among others for the study of micro-organisms.

Legal Representative

Jean-Luc Henrioul
+32 71 347 819